Jul 31, 2021

Hi and welcome to my website! This is my little corner of the internet and all are welcome here. I am just getting started, so bear with me as I get fully set up. Here is a rundown of the plans I have for the site so far:

SERVICES: I am a freelance creative consultant. Want to work together? Take a look at my services and see if there is one that fits your needs. Have a different idea on how we could work together? I would love to hear it. Send me an email: hi@kellyedmonson.com.

SHOP: I have countless Google Docs and knowledge in my head and I love to share them with others. I have created digital downloads to share with whomever they may interest.

THE EDIT: This is a roundup of cool stuff on the internet. It is stuff that I have bought, want to buy, or wish I could buy. I hope you find something that catches your eye.

BLOG: I don’t really consider this a “blog” even though that is exactly what I am calling it. My mom asked me if I am a blogger now and to that, I answered a big N.O. I thought it would be nice to have space to share things I am excited or passionate about. It also might be a place where I put very pointless things or pictures that I think are pretty. I’m not totally sure, but I pay the rent here – so I make up the rules as I go.

ABOUT: Want to know more about me? Well, here you go… https://kellyedmonson.com/about

CONTACT: Want to get in touch? Email hi@kellyedmonson.com  

First post in the books, off to tell my mom that I actually am a blogger now.




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