Paris Travel Guide

Apr 4, 2022

Well, I did a thing. I created a Paris Travel Guide!


About six years ago I made travel a priority in my life. I waited a long time to travel because there was a lot holding me back. I decided to let those things go and plan a trip to Paris. It fulfilled all expectations for me and I was immediately obsessed.

I have a very curious nature and take the time to learn, plan, and research in most areas of my life. Travel has been no different. I love travel planning just as much as I love to travel. I have countless lists of places I have been and destinations still to be explored. I like to see the big sites and the little ones too. I always want to see art, experience the culture, learn about the people, and find that special sparkle a city has to offer.

My city guides are more like city lists. You are getting a well-curated assortment of places I have researched, then experienced myself, and recommend to others. Consider it like when you text your travel bestie “where should I stay/eat/go in Paris” or “what are your Paris recs?!?”. I’m your new travel bestie and here are my recommendations.

It is available in my shop of digital downloads. Check it out right HERE.



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