Giving Tuesday

Dec 1, 2021

After the rush of Cyber Sales, my only splurge was last night on Giving Tuesday. I decided to pick 10 charities and donate to all of them. I wasn’t able to give much this year, but it was fulfilling to recognize the good that they are doing and offer what I could.

The Loveland Foundation – Mental health charities will always be incredibly important to me. The Loveland Foundation offers opportunity and healing in communities of color with a focus on women and girls. Rachel Cargle is a force for good and I look forward to when I can offer a monthly donation to this cause. SUPPORT THE LOVELAND FOUNDATION.

Seek Her Foundation – Another foundation that amplifies advocacy for women’s mental health. The founder started the company after her own mental health journey. Building a company with that first-hand knowledge of the pain from a traumatic experience can only mean she knows what people are going through and the support they need. SUPPORT SEEK HER FOUNDATION.

Anti-Racism Fund – Their 60-day rotating initiative model makes their giving constantly feel fresh. They offer so much information and highlight those receiving end of the donations, giving the donation more meaning when you know exactly where it is going. SUPPORT THE ANTI-RACISM FUND.

NAACP – The NAACP is doing the WORK. They take on all the political, social, and economic issues and come at them full force. SUPPORT NAACP.

ACLU – This is another one that takes action on all issues. I appreciate the passion and drive those involved have to create equality for all. SUPPORT ACLU.

Planned Parenthood – I have to support my fellow woman. After all that has happened in 2021 in regards to abortion rights, I feel even more strongly that women should have access to the medical treatment they need. SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

National American Rights Fund – Gifting Tuesday falls on the last day of Native American heritage month, so it felt important to give to those native to this land. SUPPORT NATIONAL AMERICAN RIGHTS FUND.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder – My mom has talked fondly about her work with this charity and the elders she has adopted. I acknowledge living on Akinel O’odham, Hohokam, and O’odham Jewed land. I wish to learn more and continue to donate. In the mean time, I am going to save up to purchase one of the gorgeous rugs for sale on their site. SUPPORT ADOPT-A-NATIVE-ELDER.

Park City Community Foundation – A client (and friend!) Flight Boutique donated all proceeds of their sales yesterday to PCCF. Their generosity was what sparked me to participate in Giving Tuesday. I felt that it was important to support a cause that is so special to them. SUPPORT PARK CITY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.

Cedars Sinai Hospital – I have had two surgeries from a broken arm at Cedars and had excellent care in a time when I really needed it. SUPPORT CEDARS SINAI.

When I was done I had a smile on my face. I prefer giving presents (or donations) much more than receiving, so I decided to mark my calendar annually for donations on Giving Tuesday and my birthday – about 6 months apart. I like to give throughout the year, but it feels like it comes from a prompt from an outside source. Intentionally marking days on my calendar will give me something to look forward to and prepare for.

I am constantly looking to learn about new charities and causes, do you have any that you like to support?



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