Two Gifts

Dec 3, 2021

I am overly obsessed with the Hallmark/Lifetime type Christmas movies and love to binge-watch them as soon as they start playing. There are some good ones out this year. I watched one last night called Royally Wrapped For Christmas. Along with being incredibly cheesy, I really loved the gift-giving message they had throughout the movie.

Basically, the idea is that when you give a gift, you give two gifts instead of one. One gift is for you to give to someone else and the other is for you to keep. The main character had learned this from her grandmother and typically gave cookies they baked together or something that would be enjoyed by a wide range of people. I don’t think I would eat homemade cookies from a stranger right now (Hi Covid!), I am thinking a Starbucks gift card could be a good alternative? Or maybe a package of Walker’s shortbread cookies to support my Scottish heritage.

Enjoy the trailer for Royally Wrapped Christmas…



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