Black History Month

Feb 2, 2022

This month I am celebrating Black History by taking the time to support, celebrate, recognize, learn and listen to the black community. February feels like such a good month for this. Holidays are over, January is pretty much a recovery month from the year prior. February is when the new year begins.

Nicole Cardoza from Anti-Racism Daily sends through amazing emails and has started a new series: 28 Days of Black History. Every day this month, I will take the time to read and reflect on each email. This is important and that time can be carved out of the day even with life, work, ADHD, etc. – we all know how it is!

Anti-Racism Daily shares that each email will include:

  • A cultural artifact – book, movie, artwork, song, etc – that represents the impact of Black people and culture in U.S. history
  • Action steps to carry this work into tomorrow – whether it’s donating to an organization, getting involved in your community, or more.
  • Discussion questions to drive conversation and learning with your colleagues, students, friends and family.

Image via 28 Days of Black History

A few other resources I want to dive into for more information:

Black History Month

Center for Racial Justice in Education

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

I also want to revisit The Fifteen Perfect Pledge – specifically the Consumer Commitment.

Seek Her Foundation, Diversity & Inclusion

Pulling up these sites quickly to grab their links, I can already see that they have created content for Black History Month. Thank you to all who take the time to create these tools!



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