Earth Day!

Apr 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day! I really love nature and think about the environment a lot. I can get really overwhelmed, but I have made it a point to do what I can to leave the planet better than I found it. Living a completely sustainable or zero waste lifestyle is hard so I do my best […]

Flight Boutique is a boutique on Main Street in Park City Utah. It is a favorite destination for women’s apparel & accessories – kids too! The store was founded in 2009 by Kristen Doyon and Blaire Isleib. Flight Boutique is my client and Kristen and Blaire are my friends from college! Blaire and I were […]

Well, I did a thing. I created a Paris Travel Guide! PURCHASE PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE About six years ago I made travel a priority in my life. I waited a long time to travel because there was a lot holding me back. I decided to let those things go and plan a trip to Paris. […]

A friend of mine is in Paris this week and it made me wish I was going with her to stock up on all my favs from the French Pharmacy. I have done tons of research (AKA reading anything about French beauty products on the internet) and compiled a list of my favorites. As it […]

Lunar New Year

Feb 7, 2022

In past years working for a consumer product company, I have been aware of Chinese New Year because our products were made in China and factories shut down, so planning a calendar around their extended holiday was always important. I have a client that is Chinese, so this year I wanted to have a better […]

This month I am celebrating Black History by taking the time to support, celebrate, recognize, learn and listen to the black community. February feels like such a good month for this. Holidays are over, January is pretty much a recovery month from the year prior. February is when the new year begins. Nicole Cardoza from […]

Two Gifts

Dec 3, 2021

I am overly obsessed with the Hallmark/Lifetime type Christmas movies and love to binge-watch them as soon as they start playing. There are some good ones out this year. I watched one last night called Royally Wrapped For Christmas. Along with being incredibly cheesy, I really loved the gift-giving message they had throughout the movie. […]

Giving Tuesday

Dec 1, 2021

After the rush of Cyber Sales, my only splurge was last night on Giving Tuesday. I decided to pick 10 charities and donate to all of them. I wasn’t able to give much this year, but it was fulfilling to recognize the good that they are doing and offer what I could. The Loveland Foundation […]

2 weeks in Paris

Nov 6, 2021

I spent two weeks in Paris and it was a dream. The first portion my cute mama and I were on our own exploring corners of Paris we have never seen before. The second was with a group of creative ladies led by the lovely Eva of Sycamore Co. I am still trying to put […]


Jul 31, 2021

Hi and welcome to my website! This is my little corner of the internet and all are welcome here. I am just getting started, so bear with me as I get fully set up. Here is a rundown of the plans I have for the site so far: SERVICES: I am a freelance creative consultant. Want […]